Top Anime characters who went from Zero to Hero

At some point or other in Your life, you feel discouraged, disappointed and felt like being hit with a rock in head. Many people leave and many new will come. They all teach us a lesson and if u want to know why it happens and what happens next you can just make up using these anime characters. There are My mentors, well wishers, friends and enemies and are all for a reason. Just check out these anime and witness it for yourself...You are in ride for a emotional journey and uplifting your mental spirit..!! Here I'm going to tell my most favourite anime characters who went from zero to Hero.

    5.Itachi uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha Top Anime characters who went from Zero to Hero

    The most tragic life one could ever afford in the entire Animeverse, slaughtered his entire clan, killed his mother and father for what? The promise which couldn't be fulfilled. Most feared shinobi, the 2nd man to awaken the Mangakyo Sharingan, the first one to use the ametaratsu, graduated early at the acadamy, became Anbu captain at 13, genius by birth, most skilled uchiha, very kind at heart, died in the hands of his little brother, had a disgraceful death. He is the most feared shinobi of leaf, user of the 2nd second strongest visual prowess for what? to be treated as a rouge ninja. Entire village hate him for what? For following the orders of the Hokage. Man who is born to protect the leaf , lived his entire life in the shadows sacrificed himself for the leaf in turn died only as a traitor. His entire life is a lie and the truth know only to himself and the Hokage who is dead. Never wanted to prove himself to anyone just wanted to lead a happy life which is made impossible by the leaf politics. A true hero lived in the mask of a villain and the hero is Itachi uchiha.
    And I am very proud to say that I learned a lot from the person that even didn't exist and there ends the life of a great hero with full of tragidies.No one ever faced , can face or will face in the future . The darkest life of Itachi truly made him a hero ..

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    4.Hinata shoyo

    Hinato Shayo Top Anime characters who went from Zero to Hero

    If u are into sports that too particularly volleyball you are gonna love this anime and is of the best sports with crazy emotions is the speciality.The Protagonist is Hinata shoyo who is just only 162 cm wants to be the wing spiker of the karasuno high. He was not given any attention since his middle school volleyball team couldn't even make out the very 1st match.He saw a man similar in size from the karusano who stood out the best at the national level.So he wanted to become the volleyball player.He got nothing except he is good at jumping.The entire team is formed and they clear the odds and they try to be the best volleyball team in the country . And the question is could they really become against the odds? Could the team really work hard or they just give up ? 
    The entire series comprises crazy emotions ,team work and shows what it means to have something to hold on to? So why late just go on a head and watch the anime...

    3. Izuku Midoriya(My Hero Acadamia)

    Izuku Midoriya Top Anime characters who went from Zero to Hero

    Just imagine if there is a world where u can have the super power you want then what would that be yours?  here our hero was born in such world but the only thing thats out of ordinary is our hero doesn't have any super power. It is the worst thing that could happen to our hero because he is the only one who is different from other.The only thing he wanted to do is to help people with power and it didn't matter, any how he was doing what he wanted without any power.once he was crying while watch a hero(Almighty) saving the person from fire by wearing a smile and that hit Midoriya very hard that time he wanted to became a hero but there is nothing his mother could .his mother also gave up on himself. Once he saved his friend who was caught up by monster without any power.That inspired almight and he showed his strength and fought off that monster.After the fight Almight said 'for some people the body moves even before the mind dares to think' and also said 'even you also can become a hero'.Those were the words he wanted to hear from the start and I am literally telling you it pulled tears out of my eyes. And the journey continues ..just watch and feel it for your self.

    2. Astaa

    Astaa Top Anime characters who went from Zero to Hero

    Poor magic less orphan Born into the world of magic where People without Magic are considered to be aliens, that didn't bother him, the only thing he wanted to do is to help people. He worked hard and hard and made sure he is not any less than a magic knight. His sword is the only means he can fight but lost his arms during the same. All around him blamed GOD for doing so ,and the best doctor told him that he cannot use his arm again the response from asta is so mesmerising the exact words from him to the god are 

    Like I am gonna give up, do u hear me what u did is get me more fired up , If I cannot fight me my arms then i try to find a way to fight  without them do u hear me u jerk, I was in in the verge of giving up once and I will never do that mistake again do u understand.

    Just watch the anime if u feel like U are not lucky because this anime shows, We can make our own Luck.

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    1.Might guy 

    Might guy Top Anime characters who went from Zero to Hero

    Shinobi world where two third of the population is born into the Ninja Clan here is our Hero the only outsider in this generation the only thing he wanted to prove that even he can be a shinobi without any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu he worked his entire life not even wasting a single minute bothering about why was he not born into the Ninja clan rather he focused his entire time training training hard harder than our harder than anyone can imagine and finally became the strongest shinobi in the entire shinobi world. One of the two strongest characters of Naruto Madara Uchiha declares might guy is the strongest shinobi that has ever faced after Hashirama and trust me he is more powerful than the five kaage combined.

    Might guy beat Madara only through hard work not 5 kaage who seemed to be the most powerful individuals could not scratch Madara and guy achieved the feat only by doing the hardwork.

    Remember even you can reach ur goals by doing Hardwork , Hardwork alone..

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