Top 7 TV series/Docu-series to watch when High!

Devil's Lettuce, or Mary Jane, or Green Cheese....the herb is known by many names but it unites all us stoners alike. When we drift away into oblivion in THC crazed chaos we can't help but wonder why is existing so beautiful. So to just take the entire overwhelming experience in and vibe it out, I watch goofy and chill flicks to maintain my sanity and say to myself that life is about little things and laughs. There's a lot of stigma surrounding we*d and centuries of debate as to whether it is as beneficial as they say or not, anyway, we aren't here today to judge it but simply suggest some sitcoms or movies which enhance your experience when you're on Cloud 420! ✌

Top 7 TV series/Docu-series to watch when high

So let's dive into the list of MY best recommendations to watch when stoned:

    7. How I Met Your Mother (American sitcom)

    Top 7 TV series/Docu-series to watch when high!


    Ted Mosby, Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney are good friends, and the story revolves around them and Ted reciting his life to his children on how he met and married their mother, Robin.

    My Opinion

    I personally feel a little giggly while watching this flick series, and I feel the characters are adorable especially the chemistry between Lily and Marshall is to die for. And who doesn't have a crush on Robin? The thing I hate about sitcoms the most is the curse of the fake laughter, and can't say this series isn't affected by the loud unnatural crown laughter at uncanny jokes like chill don't push humour it'll only get worse 👎. But overall this series is fine and really hits the spot when you aren't in any sense to consider all its flaws.

    Stoner meter: 2.5/5 blunts!

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    6. Phineas and Ferb (American animated series)

    Top 7 TV series/Docu-series to watch when high!
    Phineas & Ferb


    Phineas and Ferb are two brothers who are bored during their summer vacation. The entire story revolves around how they spend the day with their sister trying to blow their plans up in smoke by getting them caught in front of their parents. Meanwhile, their pet Perry the platypus is an undercover agent trying to stop a villain from wreaking havoc.

    My Opinion

    This is one of those deep meaning stuff in a childish cartoon mask. The series is really good and joyful to watch when ston*ed with those colourful animations and stupid songs. But Phineas and Ferb has a nostalgic theme to it that just makes it more special like Whatchu doooooing! 😝. I remember using these phrases when I was a kid, I even use it now sometimes. And the summer vacation song is just too good, reminds you of a good evening watching TV and your mom making your favourite snacks, best days ever!

    Stoner meter: 3/5 blunts!

    5. Family Guy (American animated sitcom)

    Top 7 TV series/Docu-series to watch when high!
    Family Guy


    Peter Griffin and his family find themselves in the most ridiculous of situations. He has a devilish baby, a smart dog and a group of friends who are experts in dealing with life their own way. The story revolves around how the Griffin family goes about in their daily lives (FYI like The Simpsons).

    My opinion

    Family guy is that kind of a show that doesn't shy away from addressing the political issues of the day. They use satire to mock and ridicule anyone and get away with it, which is the best part. If your into satire and love Peter Griffin's dumb attitude then you're in for a ride with family guy. All the characters are funny af and the unreasonable hate towards Meg voiced by Mila Kunis 😍 is really good.

    Stoner meter: 4/5 blunts! 

    4. South Park (American sitcom)

    Top 7 TV series/Docu-series to watch when high!
    South Park


    Kyle, Stan, Eric, Butters and Kenny are foul-mouthed friends who live in South Park, Colorado. They have several bizarre misadventures in and around town, involving both the ordinary and supernatural.

    My opinion

    South park is bizarre, opinionated and never shy away from anything, be it racism, cultural misappropriation or misogyny. This show simply doesn't adhere to the rules set by society. This show has rudimentary animation yet got R+ ratings just because of how foul-mouthed the characters are. There is, however, no shortage of humour whatsoever in this series and is worthy of couch potato-ing and binge-watching for eternity.

    Stoner meter: 4.5/5 blunts!

    3. The Office (American sitcom)

    Top 7 TV series/Docu-series to watch when high!
    The Office


    Dunder Mifflin is a paper company having Michael Scott as his manager. But this office is not just like any normal workspace, this is a silent circus of humour goofiness and sweet romance. The series is about the lives surrounding the employees of Dunder Mifflin and how they cope with each other and become the best of friends.

    My Opinion

    Silent versatile humour with hints of sweet romance, if this was a wine bottle Id buy a casket. The office never disappoints, it does not have this fake-a*s laughter that pushes humour onto but it actually lets you listen to dialogue and laugh. Dwight and Jim have the best pranks together with Creed Bratton being the enigmatic Idk what to call him. It's like u never feel less with any character on screen as all are equally likeable and wholesome.

    Personally my best part

    Creed:     That's Northern lights ca*nabis indica

    Dwight:   No (*sighs), it's mariju*na!

    Stoner meter: 5/5 blunts!!

    2. Rick & Morty (sitcom-sci/fi)

    Top 7 TV series/Docu-series to watch when high!
    Rick & Morty


    Genius scientist Rick Sanchez teams up with his Grandson Morty to go on intergalactic escapades to save nothing nor to have fun but just to f*ck things up than they already are. Jerry, Summer and Beth are also a part of this, ok maybe not Jerry (lol). 

    My Opinion

    This sci-fi flick is just the messed up sh*t you need to spiral down your trip down a rabbit hole. This series is smart, messed up and so random that its absurdist humour is just super lovable. No wonder it has a cult fan base. Morty is like this anxious kid who is nothing more than a normie dreaming about titties like the rest of us until he met Rick and life goes like a roller-coaster. We all secretly wish we had a Rick in our lives to break us from this average, normal prison and have lots of stories to tell before we dance in our graves (*existential crisis intensifies 😅).

    Stoner meter: 5/5 blunts! and a plumbus.

    1. Planet Earth / Blue planet 2 (Docu-series)

    Top 7 TV series/Docu-series to watch when high!
    Planet Earth


    This is a documentary about the flora and the fauna of planet earth and nature, with overwhelming footage and descriptive illustration of our Mother Earth. 

    My opinion

    When your high, anything related to David Attenborough is just an overwhelming experience, while you nitpick and try to figure out what is going on in the docu-series you find yourself suddenly overwhelmed by the amazing cinematography and wonderful narration of Attenborough, his voice is soothing and it gives a new take on what nature is like, one that is worth protecting, and deserving of our respect. It's magnanimous in experience and when the theme song kicks in, the entire experience is out-worldly! 🏆 Certainly a Masterpiece!

    Stoner meter: 3 dabs of the finest we*d there ever exist!

    If you know any other Tv/docu series that match my Big Green Sandwich...Imma go grab mine and binge-watch! 

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