Top 5 Sports Anime That You Should Never Miss

If you're an anime fan then you should have come across an anime in the sport genre. If you are a sportsman, this list will give you boost to your performance else You might end up just being one. Regardless of not playing any sport, these sports animes are truly inspirational and motivating. How the Character develops from noob to pro level hits your heart with a dart. Anime focus on team bonding and developing mental strength of Protaganist over time. Some Sport Animes will make you go and pick the sport and others will make you admire the beauty of the game. Nevertheless, if you call yourself an anime fan, then do make sure you watched these.

Here are What I feel the Top 5 Sports Anime That You Should Never Miss.

Top 5 Sports Anime That You Should Never Miss

    5.Burning Kabaddi

    Burning Kabaddi Top 5 Sports Anime That You Should Never Miss
    Burning Kabaddi

    Have you ever imagined an Indian sport being adopted into an anime? I am sure you have not, because in 2021 japanese studio started making anime on Kabaddi.


    A genius football player who got bored of the sport but wants to gain fame by being the online sports consultant, he didn't want to reveal his identity though. Then comes a simple yet strong baldy junior in the college and drags the genius foot ball player to come join the kabaddi. Will the player join the team or he rejects it? It is only known if you watch the anime.
    So why late watch right away..


    It is an on-going anime and I watched a few of them and it seemed really good, an Indian sport is becoming an world class anime is never a thought of reality. Lets see how far this takes us.

    Sports Anime Meter: 8/10

    4.Captian Tsubasa

    Captain Tsubasa Top 5 Sports Anime That You Should Never Miss
    Captain Tsubasa

    Any Football fans in here? If you're, then ready to face the amazing journey of our captian. If not, take a foot ball and ready to play..


    Our foot ball team captian "Tsubasa" is a genius footballer. Right from the childhood he has been holding the ball. He dreamt of being the best footballer of the world. There is another named Wakabayashi a genius goalkeeper had never let the ball to pass him. What if an unstoppable force hits an immovable object? The epic showdown between Tsubasa and Wakabayashi gives your eyes a feast. Dont forget to watch the epic show down.


    It's an anime which first aired in 1983 and It's again adapted in 2018. One of the best anime in sports genre and you will definitely fall in love with the sport.

    Sports Anime Meter: 9/10

    3. Kengan Ashura

    Kengan Ashura Top 5 Sports Anime That You Should Never Miss
    Kengan Ashura

    Are you looking for some gritty fights then there is good news folks. You will be really amazed of how the fights have been choreographed in the anime. Just check it out.


    There is an underworld tournment where you have licence to kill the opponent. There is another guy who is a blood thirsty maniac. Dont you think this the best match? This is how the story of Ohma Thokita is been played on screen. Ohma wants to be the best fighter and he trained really hard , but did he get to the point or has he been defeated. Just watch the anime and be careful because you are going to love it forever.


    If you are looking for a fist fight in anime then you are at the right place. A lot of fighting styles which you can never expect are shown here I am this anime is going to blow your mind away. 

    Sports Anime Meter: 9/10

    2. Ahiru no Sora

    Ahiru No Sora Top 5 Sports Anime That You Should Never Miss
    Ahiru No Sora!

    If you are a basket ball fan then you have hands full of exitement and a ton of refreshment on your side. This anime is a high school basket ball team.


    A young boy named Sora , extremely passionate about the basket ball, he inherited that passion from her mother who has been a world class basket ball player. The school basketball team has abandoned basketball for quite a while. Sora wants to play ball so he tries to bring the team back and want to win the inter high tournment. There were no experienced basket ball players in the team so he makes all others to play along with him and takes them to inter high basketball competition.


    This is one such anime which motivates you to work hard. Hard work pays off no matter what and this show is definitely an example of that. The way they work is more relatable to our human life. I can definitely assure this anime will give you goosebumps.

    Sports Anime Meter: 10/10

    1. Haikyuu

    Haikyuuu Top 5 Sports Anime That You Should Never Miss

    It is an Anime that revolves around a sport volleyball. If you are one among the many volley ball players then this might be the best anime for you.


    A young boy named Hinata who is a 162cm tall is high schooler in karusano high , once saw volly ball in a tv which he came across the street, People just say it always starts with a thought, he too wanted to become a volleyball player, not just to be the player but to be the best in the sport. And there is another player who is presumed to be genius and his name is kageyema. They both treat each other as their rivals. Despite his height can hinata become the best? Yes he can , because every one on the same side of court is an ally. They support you no matter what. Check out the journey of Hinata yourself.


    This anime touched my heart because I've never seen someone more passionate about sports around me. I only got to seen in anime, the character development is amazing. The team effort is simply marvelous. The anime content is the highlight of this show. It is worth watching.

    Sports Anime Meter: 12/10

    These are my Top 5 Sports Anime That You Should Never Miss. What do you think about them? and what are your favourites? Let us know in the comments? I sincerely hope you love it. Check out more here.

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