Why THE 100 is one of the best series ever made !?! (spoilers Ahead)

 Have to Say...The CW has made many edge of the seat thrillers and between the teen dramas and Super Hero series , "The 100" is an Intriguing Post-Apocalyptic Drama.

Before Going into why it is one of the best...first of all, what makes a series Great, what traits of a series make viewers trip with it. 

Why THE 100 is one of the best series ever made !?! (spoilers Ahead)

     Story Arc of  "The 100"

    Earth was torched in a nuclear attack and life has become inhabitable and humans went on to live in the space i.e inside an Ark space station...Cut to 97 years later, A group of Jailed Juvenile delinquents who are banished from an orbiting space-station colony and sent to live on Earth to research its sustainability. Series of events unfold, chaos and confusion for leadership in juveniles. And to their surprise ,There are Humans still here. Some clans have survived the apocalypse and there is clash among them too. The grounder have a different blood group named Natblida/Night blood which is resistant to radiation as a part of evolution. They follow the rule "Jus drein jus daun" (blood for blood).

    With each season, a new living challenge was thrown to them. Threat by Artificial Intelligence, another Nuclear Apocalypse,  A new planet full of new dangers. "The 100" is a complete package Sci-fi, Super natural thriller. With each main character death, The 100 is heart breaking too. 

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    Strong Character Development in "The 100" 

    • The 100 is filled with great character arcs that leaves you spellbound. 
    • You fell in love with them, you cry for them, you laugh with them, you want them to be your friends. Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake, Bellamy Blake, Lindsey Morgan, John Murphy, Marcus Kane, Russell Lightburn, Echo and many more to mention. 

    What is Character Development?            

    • You probably remember hearing your mom or teacher mention about building character. 
    • Character Development means, from the time a character is introduced, they try to reach a goal. 
    • To reach that goal, the character undergoes a mental transformation and the writers make it hard to make it more intriguing . 
    • Its called having a Character Arc. Audience fall in love with that character development because those characters are more related to life itself. 
    • Because humans are 'Agathokakological' (mixture of good and evil).There is no good or bad here. Its all perspective. 
    • The changes that push our heroes through reflect the human condition we are all a part of.

    1. Octavia Blake :  

    Octavia Blake Why THE 100 is one of the best series ever made !?! (spoilers Ahead)

     Octavia Blake had the longest character transformation above anyone else in the show. For being a second illegal child in the Ark space station, she was sent among the 100 juveniles to earth. she fell in love with lincoln who is a grounder, He and Indra taught her fighting, and she is so badass when she fights. After Lincoln death, the character took a trajectory. During the fourth season, Octavia was the fighter for skaikuru. In the bunker, she unites all the clans as Vonkuru. During the Dark year in the Bunker, she becomes evil queen. This is where the Octavia character arc is at peaks. She has to make certain choices to make sure the survival of human race. Octavia has the biggest fandoms in the show.         

    2.  John Murphy : 

    John Murphy Why THE 100 is one of the best series ever made !?! (spoilers Ahead)

     From "Just punch him in the face" to " this guy should stay till the end". John Murphy is undoubtedly the most loved character of the Show. To talk about Character development, you can learn it by observing the character.  Rude Delinquent among the juveniles who switch sides easily . He earns the name " cockroach" by his peers and believe me he deserves it. He survives almost every Incident. When he met "Emori" ...his character takes a trajectory. He feel in love with her and that changes his character. He survives Primafaya and becomes one of the important member of skykuru team. When the show ends, this character stays with you.                                       

    3.  Clarke Griffin :    

    Clarke Griffin Why THE 100 is one of the best series ever made !?! (spoilers Ahead)

    The 100 has so many strong female leads and Clarke Griffin is the top of them. She is the protagonist of the show. She undergoes various transformations in the character arc. Being a leader, she has to make choices in making sure of the survival of the people. She is intelligent and a good decision maker in critical times. She does all the sacrifices inorder to make sure protection of the people she love. She was called as 'Wanheda' in the season three.                     

    4.  Bellamy Blake :

    Bellamy Blake Why THE 100 is one of the best series ever made !?! (spoilers Ahead)

    Bellamy Blake undergoes moderate transformation arc. Bellamy's Character likes to fight and war initially. By the end of season one, he starts to grow as a leader. He was not the best of characters initially. During the season five, he made peace and give up war and fighting. His relation with Octavia Blake(his sister) is so caring. He is obsessed about her protection initially. But in the season six, he makes clear, she is her sister and no longer his responsibility. Overall, by the end of series, his character undergoes complete transformation from the beginning. Fans adore his love relation with Clarke Griffin and ship them as 'Bellarke'.  

    5. Richard Kane :

    Richard Kane Why THE 100 is one of the best series ever made !?! (spoilers Ahead)

    From irritating character on Ark to tears rolling from eyes for him. Richard Kane is undoubtedly most loved character in the show. He always live abide by law in the Ark. He blindly follows the law in the Ark. He was one of the reason for juveniles coming to earth. But when he came to ground, he completely changes. His transformation is spellbound. In ground, he leaves when people commit mistakes and says people deserve second chances. He dies in sixth season, because he refuses to live in another person body. He is one of those character who deserves to live till the end. 

    6.  Raven 

    Raven Why THE 100 is one of the best series ever made !?! (spoilers Ahead)

     Raven is, perhaps, the smartest person on the show. Genius in Science, Coding and almost everything. Raven has helped in saving the day on more than one occasion. Most intriguing aspect of this character arc is how it grew in the final season. Raven has the most number of heartbreaks in the show, we hate writers for that but such is her arc. Raven always blames others and ignore her role in the events. In the season finale, When Raven had to make the difficult choice about the radiation chamber, she finally understood how it felt to make the tough call. Most times, she spends crying and in the end...a character well loved!
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    Good Writing for "The 100" 

    Writing is everything for a show. This Show success heavily depends on the writing and Narration Part. This is where connection with Audience happens. Because of Writing, Magic will be created and why people relate themselves and feel for characters. 

    How good writing affected " The 100" show?

    1. You find the details agreeable and thoroughly researched
    2. You will not get confused while watching and it will not take you long enough to understand what the story is all about.
    3. You will not feel that the minor characters are stealing the scenes and you care so much about the main character
    4. Although you find it predictable at times and they still put the element of surprise at the end.
    5. The cinematography and the locations of the show takes you to that world and you will have enthralling experience while watching it.
     A good and entertaining script is one that captures and glues the viewer’s attention to the show. It punches the viewers in the face and throws him or her down the stairs, and leaves him or her feeling invigorated, amused, and inspired.
    Overall, the writer and direction team of "The 100" succeeded and they have given their "A" work in it.

    Great Acting in "The 100" show 

    The Acting of characters played by Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake, John Murphy is fantastic. When the show is very long and you have such a long transformation needs your best effort.

    How does great acting affected "The 100" viewing experience?

    •  The actors brings to life the emotion of drama and brings you into a river of tears and a trash can full of wipes, and even makes you recall the drama before going to sleep while crying on your pillow
    • The actors in this show effectively made use of well written comedy scripts and make you burst into laughter, sometimes awkwardly
    • You realistically began to hate the character or sometimes even the actor in real life... if he plays the villain and then you express your hate to the world through the social networking site.

    Regardless of the role, whether a protagonist, a villain or a supporting actor, good acting makes you clearly understand and feel the human emotions the character is communicating.

    Good acting of this show allows the viewer to find the character as convincing and believable.

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