Top 5 things to watch out for Formula 1 2021 Season

 With the 2021 F1 pre-season testing underway, one can't help but wonder is 2021 going to be any different from the 2020 season (another season of HAM-BOT-VER 😩). Well, the results won't change either way most probably this season that's the hard truth. But there are other things to look out for in this season that makes watching F1 2021 worthwhile. So here are the Top 5 things to watch out for Formula 1 2021 Season:

top 5 things to watch out for Formula 1 2021 Season

    5. Return of the legendary Circuit de Monaco, Suzuka Circuit...

    Monaco Grand Prix top 5 things to watch out for Formula 1 2021 Season

    Well, the pandemic spared none, and even F1 2020 season fell victim to it. Many countries had to mandate lockdowns that disabled the FIA from hosting races at these particular tracks. But F1 is trying to shine back to its pre-pandemic glory by hosting 23 Grand Prix's this year. Legendary circuits are making a comeback and I personally am a big fan of the Monaco Grand Prix, twisty, narrow and the race takes place amidst a bustling city. So does Suzuka with its beautiful track design testing drivers to their extreme limits. Now if there is rain in Suzuka, Its CHILLS, LITERAL CHILLS!! The other Grand Prix are also one to watch out for, check them out by comparing 2020 vs 2021 F1 calendars.

    4. Alpine vs Aston Martin

    Alpine vs Aston Martin top 5 things to watch out for Formula 1 2021 season

    Alpine vs Aston Martin top 5 things to watch out for Formula 1 2021 season

    We got new colours on the grid this time and BOY ARE THEY GORGEOUS! 😋, yeah Renault and Racing Point were good too but a French Beaute and a Green Beast fighting are one to watch out for this season. And imagine those two cars racing on the midfield, now that's a celebration in and of itself. And the driver lineup is insane as well. We got Alonso and Ocon in Alpine, Seb and Stroll in the Aston. Id says that's a perfect pairing of experience and youth in the same team. I really look forward to seeing what Ocon and Stroll have to offer this season as they are among the least popular drivers right now and are super desperate to make a mark. Personally, I have huge hopes for Aston, and I'd lay my bets on it among the two, but Alonso is the only tipping factor for Alpine now.

    3. Carlos Sainz vs. Charles leclerc

    carlos sainz vs Charles lecrec top 5 things to watch out for Formula 1 2021 season

    The Tifosi are in for a treat this time with Ferrari's new driver line-up. Amidst all the controversy regarding Ferrari being slower than a tractor. It is up to Mattia Binotto to prove otherwise that Ferrari is in fact faster than a tractor. Jokes aside, the prancing ponies have lotta expectations to keep up this year given their exceptionally poor performance last year and their way of treating Vettel. I look forward to seeing Leclerc and Sainz fight till the end as they are both young, race-fuelled and really really good drivers coming from racing families. On Sainz specifically, he has to prove whether his choice to move to Ferrari was Stupid or Not. Therefore, seeing the prancing ponies fight with each other in Monza will definitely give an adrenaline rush to anyone but the Tifosi in particular.

    2. New drivers - Yuki Tsunoda, Mick Schumacher, Nikita Mazepin

    Rookies Yuki Tsunoda, Mick Schumacher, Nikita mazepintop 5 things to watch out for season Formula 1 2021

    I'm pretty optimistic ✌ about the F1 rookies this year, they show a lotta potential and I really wish well for them. Especially Mick who has his fathers legacy to keep up with. I think Haas is a pretty good team to start your career with and their choice to experiment with potential rookies is excellent as it brings forth freshness to the grid and also saves a heck lotta money which can be put on improving the car. So even though they fight behind the grid I feel its something good that fills the gap when the big cars are not fighting.

    1. Sebastian Vettel vs. Fernando Alonso

    Sebastian Vettel vs. Fernando Alonso top 5 things to watch out for Formula 1 2021

    The two-time world champion is making a comeback after three years and fights against the four-time world champion who just had the worst season in his entire career. Both the drivers are so anxious to make a mark and prove to the world that they still got it. What more backdrop do we need, if this was an anime it'll definitely be a hit one. Both the drivers are really exceptional in the prime of their careers and we did see them fight furiously is the past. I feel the midfield is gonna be a blast this time and with these two drivers taking the fight to the front, well I'll be damned they might even revive the old F1 spirit back into the sport. Check out more here.

    Well, these are just a few things I'm able to generalize, but this season is more than this, and we still got Danny Ric and Lando 😍 in McLaren to look for. Do comment on your favorite team down 👇 This is about Top 5 things to watch out for Formula 1 2021 season.

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