Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

Everything I know about being Gentleman, I owe it to Cricket.

top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of century

 Cricket is not always about winning world cup titles, Scoring centuries and taking fifers. Every player's proud moment is representing their country in their respective fields, but behind that we are humans after all. That's where the beauty of the game comes into picture. Game erases the nationality, and brings what we are first -Humans! There are many moments where the spirit of cricket was upheld. I am bringing you the Top 10 'spirit of cricket' moments of the century which I feel and hope you all agree with it. 

    1. MS Dhoni Recalled the decision of Ian Bell's Runout, 2011

    MS Dhoni recalled Ian Bell spirit of cricket 2011 Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

    The Incident took place in the afternoon session on Day 3 of the second test. Ian Bell batting on 137 and it is the last ball of the session. Bell hit a shot, and thought that it was a boundary. Every spectator in the stadium thought the same. But Praveen Kumar threw the ball from the deep, meanwhile Bell went up to Eoin Morgan for a chat. Since he was not in the crease, Abhinav Mukund took the bails off.  It was given out and since he was outside his crease when the tea break announced. 
    The runout became controversial and the English media thrashed the Indian team. Indian team were welcomed back with a huge round of boos. But Bell came back to bat and it was later known that Dhoni and the Coach retracted the decision because it is obstructing the spirit of the game. They prioritised the Morale over a set of rules. MS Dhoni was awarded the ICC spirit of Cricket of the decade. 

    2. Humble New Zealand in the defeat of CWC19 finals, 2019

    Newzealand worldcup 2019 final Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

    The CWC 19 final is the most entertaining and nail-biting match in the history of cricket. New Zealand had a heart-wrenching loss. Both teams didn't give an inch. Despite the overthrow which hit the diving Ben Stokes's helmet and went for 6 runs and the stupid boundary count rule when the match and the super over tied. New Zealand players haven't blamed any English player and the rule. They accepted gracefully the final verdict and not once they grudged England cricket. The Black caps with their humility, set a great example as to how one should react to heartbreaks. Fans on social media heavily criticised the rule. Their captain, Kane Williamson set the standards, The entire squad was awarded the MCC spirit of cricket award and they absolutely deserve it.

    3. Virat Kohli asking the Indian fans to stop booing Steve Smith in the CWC, 2019

    Virat kohli stop booing spirit of cricket smith Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

    In a crucial high-voltage encounter match of the world cup, Fans booed the Steve Smith who came after the ban in 2017 Ball tampering incident. Despite the ego clashes with the Aussies and Brain fade scandal in Bengaluru, the Indian captain asked the crowd to stop booing. This is an excellent gesture of Spirit of Cricket. Steve Smith thanked the Indian captain for his lovely gesture. 

    4. Daniel Vettori doesn't appeal for a runout after he collided Malcolm Waller, 2012

    Daniel Vettori spirit of cricket 2012 Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

     In a test match against Zimbabwe, where it was heading to a nail-biter. Daniel Vettori was the bowler. Zimbabwe Batsman Regis Chakabwa is on strike. He called for a quick single. But in that process, the non striker and Daniel Vettori collided resulting in the Chakabwa run out at the other end. The wicket keeper Reece Young took the bails off in no time. But Vettori as a gesture of 'spirit of Cricket' suggested that it was not fair on his part blocking the way. Vettori didn't appeal. 2012 spirit of cricket went to Daniel Vettori for this gesture. 

    5. Marvan Atapattu Called Symonds back, 2004

    Marvan Atapattu Spirit of Cricket Andrew symondsTop 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

    In a match between Srilanka and Australia, Marvan Atapattu and the Srilankan team showed great sportsmanship. Andrew Symonds was adjudged LBW by the umpire but he had nicked a little inside edge. Furious Symonds walking towards the pavilion. But Marvan Atapattu retracted the decision and called Symonds back in a crucial nail biter. But Australia lost the match by 1 run, failing to chase 245. Marvan Atapattu had kept 'Spirit of Cricket' Alive. 

    6. Elliott consoles Dale Steyn after WC semi-final loss, 2015

    Elliott Steyn Spirit of Cricket worldcup semifinal Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

    South Africa and world cup heartbreaks is a never ending duo. But in 2015, the heart break was a lot bigger. South Africa could not defend 23 runs in last 2 overs with taking 6 wickets. Dale Steyn gave 12 runs in final over. After Elliot hit him for Six to seal the win for them, Dale Steyn was on ground. But the New Zealand batsman lifted Steyn up and consoled him is an image for ages. Undoubtedly, a heartbreak for every Cricket fan out there.

    7. Flintoff Consoling Brett Lee, 2005 Ashes

    Flintoff Consoling Brett Lee 2005 ahses Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

    2005 Ashes, undoubtedly one of the greatest series of the century. In the second test, England lost by 2 runs. On chasing 282 in the fourth Innings, Australia stranded for 180 runs with 8 wickets lost. Then Lee with Shane Warne and Kaspowricz almost pulled a miracle Before Lee nicked to keeper and Australia were short of 2 runs. Lee was Distraught and was on the ground and then Flintoff went and consoled him, leading to the most iconic moment in the test cricket. 

    8. India share trophy with the Afghanistan on their Test debut, 2018

    India Afghanistan share test series trophy Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

    Afghanistan received status to play test for the first time. The match was organised in Bengaluru. India clearly outplayed Visitors by an innings. The one match series trophy was handed to Acting captain Ajinkya Rahane and he called Afghanistan players to join them for a photo with the trophy in an act of sportsmanship and it is an excellent 'Spirit of Cricket' gesture to the future of Afghanistan cricket.

    9. New Zealand console Carlos Brathwaite in the Manchester Heart-wrench, 2019

    Kewis consoles Brathwaite CWC 2019 Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

    Carlos Brathwaite who led West Indies to T20 world cup victory, had faced a heart break in the Manchester in the CWC. Life has come full circle for Carlos Brathwaite. He almost pulled a miracle of ages in the world cup but the hopes were diminished in the end. From a hopeless situation of 164-7, he almost pulled a sensational hiest by 102 runs of 80 balls. West Indies lost by 5 runs. Brathwaite was inconsolable. But the opposition who are in similar instances countless times, offered a hand and congratulated for his Century. The beautiful game has taught him a cruel lesson.

    10. Indian Physio came to check out Injured Bangladesh Batsman, 2019

    Indian Physio treating Injured Bangladesh Batsman Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century

    The first pink ball test for either nations India and Bangladesh at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. In the day and night test match, Indian pacers Shami, umesh yadav, Ishant Sharma went full on Bangladesh Batsmen. With sheer pace, hostility Bangladesh Batsmen have struggled to play. Shami struck Nayeem Hasan, a Bangladesh batsman on head by a bouncer. And he fell to ground. Immediately, Virat Kohli called on Indian Physio Nitin Patel to attend the injury update of Bangladesh Batsman. Check out IPL updates here.

    These are our Top 10 Spirit of Cricket moments of the century. And I sincerely hope you all agree to it.

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