5 Reasons to Watch Naruto Before You Die!?!(Spoilers Ahead)

"I’m going to be Hokage one day. Believe it!” 

  Heard Some where..!?! Hands Down to the Most Iconic Anime Franchise of All Time -    Naruto!

Those words are said by none other than Number one Un predictable... Hyper Active.. Knuckle-headed-Ninja... 'Naruto Uzumaki'. This anime do not require mature audience, it makes the audience mature by just watching it. If I had to review it all, the compliments go on for ages.

       Of all , why do you think Naruto is being discussed here, why do you think Naruto is one among the best anime of all time. we are giving you 5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die!

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5 Reasons to watch Naruto before you die

What makes an Anime so special?

    The Plot of Naruto is the Soul

    How plot of Animes form?   

    • The primary reason out of the 5 reasons to watch Naruto is plot.
    • The Anime's primary different feature is the plot of it. 
    • Compared to the other animated cartoons, the anime possess a very complex plot with so many complex characters involved and they share a backstory too.
    • And keeping the plot aside, the characters are a  treat in anime. They are very complex and unpredictable. 
    • On the design of a Character, there involve so many layers and so many faces to it and that is why they are often referred to multifaceted characters. 
    • The Anime possess a long plot and far better story telling.

     Naruto's Plot   

    5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die Konaha nine tailed fox attack

    12 years before, a nine tailed beast was unleashed. To protect the village from it, the fourth Hokage fought and trap the nine tailed beast with a seal inside a newborn baby, none other than our Protaganist, Naruto Uzumaki. He's an orphan by the attack. The Villagers by fear and aversion of nine tails present inside him, they do not talk or recognise his presence. The children in the village, followed their parents. The current and third hokage banned everyone in the village to talk about that night attack with Naruto. Inorder to make the villagers recognise his presence, he took a decision to become the Hokage and best shinobi ever. 

    Strong Character Development in the Naruto 

    • Out of the  5 reasons to watch Naruto, Character development is one of them. 
    • When I started watching Naruto, in the beginning I felt another overrated series ahead. The series starts slowly. 
    • Naruto, our hero is mischievous, idiotic. To this, the most irritating character in the Anime, Sakura, a female ninja adds to that. 
    • I thought of shutting this anime then and there itself. Sakura's love interest is Sasuke Uchiha. 
    • He is as important as the Protagonist. He is Naruto’s rival and the most talented ninja at the training school. 
    • He irritates you too. The trio scenes and conversations really sets you off, but having sat through a few more episodes, I came to realise that there was much more to the anime than just idiotic and slow boring plot.
    5 reasons to watch Naruto before you diesasuke fight

    • Despite being childish, the arc of character is far deep, we can understand he tries to be centre of room because he is left alone by villagers and his peers.  

    Team of Kakashi team 9 5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die

    • As the series progress, we observe character development in each of them. 
    • From being noobs to well trained ninja, they all improve skill wise. 
    • And here comes another important character, Kakashi Hatake, the teacher of this trio. He is a copy cat ninja. 
    • He taught them in his own way They start engaging in different missions. 

    Naruto nine tail jinchurki 5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die
    • When you think the narrative is about ninja life story, it quickly takes you to evil forces at work. 
    • Sasuke from bad attitude to much dark character, the character development takes a trajectory. 
    • And Naruto who is stupid, starts being more determined and focused. You will start feeling jitters in your stomach from here on.
    • Once the series truly kicks off, the main plot of Naruto becomes enthralling and will caught your eyeballs. 
    • Many more beautiful, evil Characters, you will get confused whose side you actually are. 
    • And the Uchiha clan massacre story is at its finest. Itachi Uchiha, Jaraya and many more, believe me when I say you are about to watch the greatest anime of your life. 
    • More than any reason, characters in Naruto will be with you even after the anime is completed. It is the main reason of the 5 reasons to watch Naruto. 
    • It's a sin to restrict character development review to this article...we will surely write another three or four on them.
    • There are so many huge fandom characters in this Anime. We cannot limit to the 5 reasons to watch Naruto. 
    • There are so many reasons, of all them, we picked 5 reasons to watch Naruto for the article sake.

    Exaggerated Physical Features Of the Naruto   

    • Physical features are yet another different features of anime. 
    • Even if they have same body parts, the facial expressions are highly exaggerated, mostly to increase the excitement in the viewer.
    Naruto Anime Graphics 5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die

    • The huge eyes occupies almost half of the character’s face. 
    • Through these large eyes, the animator projects the characters’ emotions. That is why this comes under 5 Reasons to watch Naruto.  
    • Not only eyes, the characters possess different colour hair and fore head part is different.
    • Based on the characterisation, the physical features are highly distinguished and exaggerated.
    • While watching the comic scenes, you can observe, the impact of humour, the exaggerated physical features brings to the scene. 
    • They often design physical features based on the inner soul which they want to depict to the viewer and not on realistic looks.

    Animation of The Naruto 


    Averagely animated episode anime 5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die

    5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die Hiroyuki Yamashita best level animated scene naruto

    • Have to say, Animation is not upto the mark in Naruto. May be because of such long story telling, it is inevitable for anyone to maintain such consistency in it.
    • In some episodes, you find the drawing of the character is completely irrelevant to previous shot of the same character. 
    • You can say bad or different.. that is your choice!

    Best artwork of 5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die

    • Yeah, I will agree Some shots were perfectly drawn, you could see the art in it.
    • You will appreciate the art team. But just when you feel it, the next shot will go south. Spoiling all the fun. Take a look at the pictures here. 

    5 Reasons to watch Naruto before you die Masahiko Murata anime Naruto best designer

    • In The scenes of Shikamaru sometimes they even left to the basic by not even shading the eyes and the head part.
    • And Kakashi sharengun eyes also...they sometimes don't even care to shade it.
    • The drawing of the character Chowji, if we look at it the face becomes broader and the nose part looks not animated well. 
    • You feel like a new character is introduced into the show. The makers failed here.

    Masayuki kouda anime designer 5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die

    • what happens is that for each frame that is made, is first drawn on the paper.
    •  There will be a team on that adding the appropriate shadows. 
    • There will be a whole page of just shadows, and they will be in frame no time.
    Gorou sessha animation of 5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die

    • I would like to end in good note, even though, Shading takes a long time to do and hours of work, to manage it for such a long tough to ask and production value will be divided for every episode and a lot of money will be required.
    • As Naruto is a longer series, no wonder the graphic team struggles. And nevertheless, we have to include that into  one of the 5 reasons to watch Naruto anime.

    Music of The Naruto Anime

    • Music helps an anime encapsulate the emotions of a character in a scene or that of a battle.
    • One such OST is Naruto Shippuden, an anime synchronises with well-developed characters, a tragic backstory, and next level battle sequences. Wind Meets Rock. Music is undoubtedly one of the main Reasons out of 5 reasons to watch anime.
    • Use of traditional Japanese wind and string instruments during emotional moments mixed with a hard rock/metal vibe when it comes to bringing battle sequences to life. 
    • The sound is so unique that when one hears music from the OST they should be able to determine that it belongs to Naruto Shippuden.
    • All these qualities prove why Naruto's music is one of the 5 reasons to watch Naruto anime.
    • The music resembles a hero journey and it is so euphoric and it gives you instant goosebumps by just the thought of it.
    • That is why our team Galactic Sage included the Music in the 5 reasons to watch Naruto.
    • the music is so emotional and the atmosphere during the fight scenes and vibes it generate in your nerves is cannot be described.
    • The music of Naruto is so inspirational and the journey of the protaganist can be experienced through the notes of the music. 
    • When it comes to experiencing another person’s story through mediums such as anime, be they real or fiction, The music of Naruto Shippuden tells a story of motivation and inspiration not simply in Naruto’s life but our own life as well.
    • No wonder it is one of the 5 reasons to watch naruto. It speaks to the good, bad, and ugly. 
    • It accompanies those moments with music to lift our spirits and help us find strength from within ourselves when we have forgotten where to look.

    This is our take on 5 reasons to watch Naruto before you die!?!(Spoilers Ahead) Comment down your favorite character/scenes? What is your favourite dialogue? And favourite Antagonist? Do let us Know in the comments!?!

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